01 July, 2005


artist: ICR
title: Daytrip
label: Covert Operations
catalogue: COVCD001
format: CD
date: 07/2005
country: USA

Covert Operations have several full length artist albums lined up, the first of which is "Daytrip" by the incredibly prolific ICR, whom you my also know from his releases on Offshore, Nerve, Good Looking, Basswerk, and his forthcoming 12" on Covert Operations Vinyl Subscription Series 2. Covering a vast range of styles and sounds, "Daytrip" is going to be an LP you'll be talking about and listening to for years to come. There's 14 tracks (including interludes) that span 74 minutes of aural pleasure. This is gonna be a CD only release, with vinyl versions of a handful of the tracks available on the vinyl subscriptions we're offering! This is unrelated to the vinyl subscription scheme, which we are still take orders for. We have these CD's in hand, ready to ship immediately. Remember, you can only buy it directly from us! buy it now!


01. Before Noon (Insert)
02. Drab Somedays
03. Frames Of Mind
04. Gaps
05. Dusk (Insert)
06. Dislike
07. Alcora
08. Fast & Furious
09. Dawn (Insert)
10. Uprise
11. New Day
12. Shining Down On Me
13. Noon (Insert)
14. Primavera

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