09 February, 2005

Showcase mix by Paul Reset

"Well, I've been hearing ICR's work for quite a while now - and IMO he's one of the best producers around in dnb at the mo - effortlessly covering each little sub genre of dnb effortlessly - from liquid rollers to deep n dark bizness right up to hard as ya like smashers…so I decided to put this mix together to showcase some of his work - with his blessing of course…check it out if you get a mo - and let us know what you think."


"Two Steps Backwards"
"Whales of August"
"Every End"
"All Your Secrets"
"Hold It Down"
"Snowdrop (rmx)"
"Second Chances"
"Magic Man"
"Dislike" (set for release on Covert Operations)
"Fill The Sky"

mp3 is removed, reupload soon

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