01 April, 2006

Aaron Myers pres. Altitude Vol. 1.

artist: V.A.
title: Altitude Vol. 1.
label: Testflight
catalogue: TFRCD002
format: CD
date: 04/2006
country: USA

An all new 11 track compilation featuring new and exclusive tracks hand picked by TestFlight label head and DJ Aaron Myers. Available in an unmixed CD format and 4 plate limited edition vinyl set. The CD version will contain 4 tracks not available on the vinyl release, while the vinyl set will include an exclusive track itself. The 11 track journey will showcase the works of Blame, ASC, Method One, Cable, Probe One and more! So don't miss out, there will be no represses on the vinyl and only a limited amount are available. Order yours today at www.techgroove.co.uk and "Sample the Future"!
the vinyl relese is cancelled

01 Method One "Flight Zero"
02 L Plus "Amo"
03 MRN "Musica"
04 Blame "Amethyst"
05 Signal "Pulsar"
06 Cable "Wish I'd Been There"
07 MRN "Hallways"
08 Probe-One "Substance"
09 ASC "Techflow"
10 Probe-One "Stargate II"
11 ICR "Innocence"

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Anonymous said...

Az Innocence az egyik legjobb szám, amit életemben hallottam! Akárhányszor hallgatom, a hideg futkorászik rajtam. Persze az örömtől :)

Így kell ezt csinálni!