09 May, 2008

Oriental Theme / Ventas Rumba (ICR remix)

artist: Salmz feat. Anete Pukane
title: Oriental Theme/Ventas Rumba (ICR remix)

label: Misspent Music
catalogue: MISSPENT007

format: digital download
date: 05/2008

country: Hungary
"I'm flesh and blood to the bone / I'm not made of stone / Got a right to be wrong / So just leave me alone." ~ Joss Stone
The 7th Misspent comes from Latvian newcomer DJ/producer Salmz, whose production is notable not only for his dnb, but also for the several other styles he produces in, not to mention the touch of eastern flavour that first caught ICR's ears. Oriental Theme is a perfect, laid-back, liquid dnb, offering a healing power for your ears and your soul. To complete the fluid, deep pads and guitar flicks, Anete Pukane's gentle vocal just gives you relief. Ventas Rumba is a more chopped up and complex remix--just what you'd expect from ICR. But remember: there's always a twist.

A. Oriental Theme
audio: http://www.myspace.com/misspentmusic
B. Ventas Rumba (ICR remix)
audio: http://drumandbass.hu/leech.php3?zid=1019

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