08 July, 2007

Jah Meditation / Totem

artist: Loxy & Munk / Matt-U & ICR
title: Jah Meditation / Totem
label: X-tinction Agenda
catalogue: XA008
format: 12" vinyl
date: 07/2007
country: UK

Loxy & Keaton's label represents the near 'X-Tinct' sound of true D&B. Loxy and Munk take smash X side to bits, with the brooding 'Jah Meditation' A harmonious cocktail of mysterious ambience, energising beats and bassline menace. Matt U & ICR freak out on side Y. Paranoid intensity 'Totem' is pure darkness dancefloor D&B at its best. Lurking bass reverberation build a sense of dread as they roll over acid bleeps and melodic mist.

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