09 August, 2008

Thunder At Night

artist: Hagyma
title: Thunder At Night
label: Misspent Music
catalogue: MISSPENT008
format: digital download
date: 08/2008
country: Hungary

"It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake." ~ Frederick Douglass

New Hungarian musician Balazs Hagymasi AKA Hagyma (meaning 'onion') debuts with a special live jazz/drum & bass crossover track that expands upon the label's musical repertoire: 'Thunder At Night.' Special music needs special releases, so this time, presented on a 4-track single, we can enjoy this cinematic, moody, key-lead ballad in different interpretations.
UK's funky drummer/studio master Macc returns to the production fold for remix duties and lends his trademark beats on a smoothly tight drumfunk edit. Label boss ICR's deep, yet funk-fuelled mix comes with a 'storytelling' formula he's production is noticeable for. To round out the release, Faalb presents his version's take on the original idea by expanding the elements to form a slower-paced, more gentle electronic remix that we could call 'IDM.'

written and produced by balazs hagymási (hagyma)
remixed by robert macciochi (macc), zoltan gal (ICR), and arnold szoboszlay (faalb)
original is mastered by robert macciochi (Macc) for SC Mastering ( http://mastering.subvertbeats.com )
photography: Roland Rab ( http://www.INOKSZphotography.com )

tracklist: A. original
audio: http://drumandbass.hu/leech.php3?zid=1027
B. Macc remix
audio: http://drumandbass.hu/leech.php3?zid=1026
B. ICR remix
audio: http://drumandbass.hu/leech.php3?zid=1025
D. faalb remix
audio: http://drumandbass.hu/leech.php3?zid=1024

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