08 April, 2009

The Modernists

artist: V.A.
title: The Modernists
label: Modern Urban Jazz
format: CD
date: 04/2009
country: UK

adding to the boutique/bespoke limited nature of the project, comes the Modernists CD which is housed in a unique recycled cardboard sleeve which requires no gluing and will have a hand printed sleeve and the face of the CD, making each one unique. These will be limited to 100 only and will feature Justice, Invincible, ICR, Sub, sH1, Sinistarr, D’zine, Metro, The Square, Control Remote and Chris Inp.


justice/invincible - unique
paranoid society - reversed water streams
control remote - haze
icr - same new song
invincible/d’zine - sucker punch
metro - metro
sinistarr - pax romana
justice/chris inp - cryptic lamb
sub - asleep
invincible - solitude
sh1 - betrayal
the square - last days on earth

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