05 July, 2009

The Beginning Session

artist: ICR (also known as Zahadum, Filled Vapidity, Ill Kid)
title: The Beginning Session
year: 1998-2002 (IMPDemoCD001-007 (2000-2002))
description: This is a collection of demo cd albums of my early tracks which I produced on Impulse Tracker. Started it in '98 so most of the tunes were written in my beginner" phase so expect low-quality, raw material. I just wanna have some fun listening to those old tunes again. I'm enjoying them... If you're familiar with my recent music you may be interested to download and listen them. Big thanks to Beatplexity for hosting!

file: ICR_-_IMPdemoCD001-007_-_2000-2002.rar (584mb, 83 tracks)

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Anonymous said...

link is not working anymore. I'd love to check out the early work!!