10 November, 2010

Portraits Of The Invisible Man (remixes Part Two)

artist: Orson Bramley
title: Portraits Of The Invisible Man (remixes Part Two)
label: Orson
catalogue: ORSON013
format: digital download
date: 11/2010
country: UK

'Portraits of the Invisible Man’ is the first single to be taken from Orson Bramley’s solo album ‘Inverted Snobbery’. Orson calls up his friends and family for remix duty on this classic masterpiece. The remixes come in two parts, Part 1: Dubstep and Part 2: Techno.
Orson Bramley is probably best known as founder of the UK electro duo, Transparent Sound, as well as launching his own Orson Records. His ‘Inverted Snobbery’ album, released earlier in the year is a melodic and highly tuned feast of all things electronic, and draws on Orson's day-to-day experiences and inspiration from the people that he met and the places he went to whilst living in California. The album is a complete change in direction and style for Orson, incorporating live field recordings from around California. Pulling influences from all walks of electronic music, it’s a playful and refreshing listen that steps away from trends and pigeonholes.
Kicking off Part 2, are techno mixes from three contrasting Hungarian artists. Kodek turns in a driving dancefloor workout, Synus0006 takes it into deeper techno territory, and IRC’s grooving adaptation adds a good dose of funk.
Lastly we head back to Orson’s recent temporary home of California to join M50 for a blissfully slo-mo, shuffling tech adaptation, that completes this double-headed release.

Portraits of the Invisible Man (Kodek Remix)
Portraits of the Invisible Man (synus0006 One Shot Remix)
Portraits of the Invisible Man (ICR Remix)
Portraits of the Invisible Man (M50's Area of Kindness Remix)


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