07 October, 2011

ICR releases double album for Fokuz (Knowledge Mag, 2011)

Hungarian producer ICR is set to release what will probably be his last drum & bass album. As you'd expect he's going out in style with a double album, Such Unimportant Things Like Us / To Make Right What's Left on Fokuz Recordings. ICR explains all.

Tell us more about the albums you're releasing, what can we expect?
This project has been in the works for years and slowly as I made more and more house and downtempo tracks I asked myself: "why don't you think bigger and release both?" I'm lucky to have Fokuz Recordings' faith for this project. Expect precious drumworks and sensual musicality in dnb, house and beyond. It's 150 minutes long so you'll have a well-rounded, big-concept album.

When is it coming out and on what formats will it be available?
The worldwide release date for both albums are September 26 and will be available in digital format only.

What's the thought process behind the titles?
I know it's not the most customer-friendly product title but I'm glad that Marco at Fokuz understood that in this case these titles works well with the album concept even if they're very long. If I had to explain I would say the duality of the albums are about facing and letting go the past (love and struggle for self-acceptance) and finding a new way - both musically and personally.

Did you set out with a specific vision of what you wanted to do with the album?
The initial idea of the Such Unimportant Things Like Us came into my mind when I made the follow up to my 2006 Counter Intelligence release So Unloved. With Still Unloved and All Unloved I already had a vision of an album with lots of emotions and frustrations. However not the entire album was made in one session, I've included some older tracks too that fit the concept - for example Skins Shades To Red which was featured on both Fabio and Grooverider's shows. As for To Make Right What's Left - it's more of a manifesto of what directions I want to go with my music whether it's house, hip hop, nu-disco, dubstep or garage.

Who have you collaborated with on it?
I wanted the album to sound personal so only three of the 24 tracks have guests. I have a collab with long-time Misspent Music artist Salmz. I loved his minimal atmospheres on Dying Breed and I wanted to disturb it with my quirky drum edits. On the non-dnb side, Hungarian wonky hip hop duo Headshotboyz feature. Their crisp but smooth style is close to me, so remixing them back and forth was easy and fun.

Why will this be your last drum & bass album?
Maybe it's a frivolous thing to say, but as for now I can't feel comfortable making drum & bass. I've been releasing dnb for almost ten years now - and I felt with this fifth official LP I've told everything I've ever envisioned in dnb. In recent years I simply enjoy other styles more. Playing around with house, hip hop and other mid or downtempo genres gives more freedom to me right now. It's about exploring new territories and challenging myself.

Tell us more about the two videos that have been made for the project…
The first two videos were both made by Hungarian VJ duo Keep Watching Crew. Music is an abstract artform and visuals such as the artwork or videos can capture your musical thoughts and feelings, so it was interesting to see how others associate pictures to your sounds. However, these are more about impressions, we tried to put it in a concept: My Only Bad Is The Lack Of All Your Good is like to catch the last breath of summer and 'Semi-Converse Confession is about frustration and accepting yourself in my view. Watch out for more videos coming later on with original footage and directing.

Got any other releases in the pipeline you can tell us about?
Some house remixes for Orson Records and Dutch label Counter Intelligence will release their second compilation Coupe D'etat featuring two drum & bass cuts from me: Mero Star / Less Than Three.

Such Unimportant Things Like Us tracklist

  1. Such Unimportant Things Like Us

  2. Still Unloved

  3. Skin Shades To Red
Until It's Untold
Lost Balance

  6. Love, Hate and Between
Dying Breed (with Salmz)

  8. Concept Of Time

  9. Surrender To Your Weakness
All Unloved
My Only Bad Is The Lack Of All Your Good
To Make Right What's Left tracklist
Semi-Converse Confession

  2. E Voce Se Entrega
Je Vous Souhaite Des Silences
Yesterday's Man

  5. Sunset Like Supper

  6. Continuity-Discontinuity

  7. Under Twenty-Six
Look So Good

  9. I'm In Love With A Sentence But Forgot What It Means
The Risk Of Speaking Nonsense
Little Panda's Echo

  12. Je Vous Souhaite Des Silences (Headshotboyz remix)
Headshotboyz – Meanwhile In My Happy Place (ICR remix)

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