01 August, 2006

V.A. - Discoveries Of The Deep LP

artist: V.A.
title: Discoveries Of The Deep LP
label: Fokuz
catalogue: FOKUZLP001
format: 4x12" vinyl
date: 08/2006
country: Netherlands


J CUT - Deep End: Proper roller. Dark dubby stabs, subtle dubby sounds and samples along side verrrry crispy roling breaks, solid deep heavy basslines and great atmosphere and a great tool for the floor� This is the A side baby..

Autumn & ICR - Yesterday: Autumn, a new collective from the states teaming up With Hungarian ICR. A deep typical Autumn inspired release. Crsipy oldschool breaks, very wicked atmosphere and a tearing Reece that gets it going on the dancelfoor!

Kubiks & Lomax - Destiny Calling: K&L are probably the most active producers around at the moment. With tracks out on almost every funky label around. Ranging from V rec till Phuzion, Phunkphiction and many others its now time that they deliver a track to FOkuz. Of course we feel this is their best to date ;).. A Wicked stepper that needs to be played at high volume...

Syncopix - Treat me right: Once again something completely different from Syncopix. This guy is the master in producing & building vibe around a tune. Loads of layers, sounds, melodies, basslines and edits al over the place. This has quality written al over it. A lightweight funky roller with a touch of Neuro inspired bassline bizzniz. Masterpiece.

Soulproof - Whisper in my ear: Soulproof steps in from a more Dubby angle. The tunes are still funky and melodic, while the beats are more fierce, sharp and very heavy.. it still got that typical Soulproof techy touch, but the overall vibe is raw, rugged and rolling.

Physics & Resound - Starshade: Physics & Resound are representing the Fokuz Drum phunk a holic side of tings�.. Starshade is one of our favorites. The tune is somewhat different than many tunes around, but once you hear the congas, toms and little drum edits, your gonna be locked.. Again atmosphere is the keyword in this tune.. Very nice and very original.

Stunna & Release - Halucinate / Implex - Shape of time
Spinor - Revenge / Drum Origins - 16th Chapter
This 4th disc includes the Fokuz altime favorites. Wicked deep tunes that are mainly made for listening pleasure and early dj sets. Implex, shape of time, a breathtaking journey with great bleeps, peeps and melodies and a musical hook that will stick to your mind for ever.. Drum origins follows this same flow. Just a great track with great edits, great music and rolling beats. Spinor delivered a very stripped down minimal Dbrige sort of tune�. Its all about the vibe, and the vibe is strong. Techy, monotonous but it worx. Last but not least we got Stunna & Release with a track that sort of comes from different markets. It will appeal to the Drum phunk crew, bit of dubbyness , but it will also be appreciated by the more musical and funky D&B lovers..


A - J CUT - Deep End
B - Autumn & ICR - Yesterday
C - Kubiks & Lomax - Destiny Calling
D - Syncopix - Treat me right
E - Soulproof - Whisper in my ear
F - Physics & Resound - Starshade
G 1 - Stunna & Release - Halucinate
G 2 - Implex - Shape of time
H 1 - Spinor - Revenge
H 2 - Drum Origins - 16th Chapter

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