01 September, 2006

So Unloved / End Of Me

artist: ICR / Macc
title: So Unloved / End Of Me
label: Counter Intelligence
catalogue: CI006
format: 12" vinyl
date: 09/2006
country: Netherlands


So much quality music out there that we want to give props to right now� so for CI006 we're bringing you prime tasters from two producers that always take the time to craft something truly unique�

Side C: ICR - So Unloved

24 years old Zoltan Gal from Hungary has played a significant role in Hungary's emergent dnb scene, not only is he editor of Hungarian dnb webzine Impulsecreator.hu, he has also represented his country on wax since 2003. In that time, he's had a very healthy smattering of releases on labels such as Breakbeat Science / Orgone, Basswerk, Offshore, Good Looking, Covert Operations, Nerve and Fokuz.

Now he comes to Counter Intelligence with 'So Unloved', a haunting low-key roller inspired by the moody and reflective world of minimal movie soundtracks. A low tremulous piano is keyed ominously, marking time as the track's gliding rhythms propel it ever-forward, culminating in a cut-up drum workout that never feels at odds with the deep and heavy atmospherics that remain so prevalent throughout�
Watch out for further material from ICR here on Counter Intelligence and on Flatline Audio, Thermal and Exegene, plus appearances on Offshore and Vibe'z compilation LPs. Details of all his latest releases can be found by checking http://www.drumandbass.hu/icr

Side I: Macc - End Of Me

Drum-propagandist Macc is on something of a roll right now and thus it's a pleasure to welcome him back to Counter Intelligence after his proxy appearance on CI002 with Beta 2's remix of his awesome 'Drum Day'. Here, on 'End Of Me', Macc takes on the famed Apache break and feeds it through the studio rhythm-grinder with the dexterity that only a man schooled in Jazz proper could really achieve� the flow is never interrupted throughout, and the breaks roll effortlessly against a backdrop of beautiful melancholia.
Keep an eye out for forthcoming Macc 12"s here on Counter Intelligence and on Offshore, Outsider and Subtle Audio.

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