05 April, 2010

Missing Pieces

artist: VA
title: Missing Pieces
label: Misspent Music
catalogue: MISSPENT015
format: digital download
date: 04/2010
country: Hungary

"For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
press release:
Each of us has our own personalised firewall, blocking threats, disturbances and undesirable offal. "Missing Pieces" is a compilation deserving to permeate one's guard. ICR chooses newcomers and established Misspent protagonists with equality, and whether it's Faalb's metre-switching "Well Wet", Mendelayev's nuanced and considered "Reflections", Fushara's tales from his concrete city, bustling kaleidoscopes of delight abound, quenching like a semi-skimmed cup over whole fat from the netlabel fraternity. Siphoned to perfection, it's a small display of Misspent's moreish qualities, which should be ranked high on your potentiometer upon consumption. ~ words by Muttley Subversion) (http://subvertcentral.blogspot.com/)


01. Faalb - Well Wet
02. Salmz - Travel In The Far East
03. Mendelayev - Reflections
04. Cycom - Niagra
05. Fushara - Street Reality
06. Salmz - Sun Temple
07. Fushara - Lost Inside
08. Ghostwarrior - The Box
09. Snaper - Sick Tape
10. Anorganik - Streamed Marvel
11. Dissident - Fairytale
12. Format None - Lullaby


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