10 April, 2010

Terra Mission

artist: VA
title: Terra Mission
label: Camino Blue
catalogue: CAMINOCD003
format: 2CD
date: 05/2010
country: Germany

Drum & bass and science have always been natural partners. From the halcyon days of jungle producers have pushed the technical boundaries of their equipment, slicing up samples and squeezing every last piece of processing power from their studios. Meanwhile producers looked to the world of academia to find names for their tracks, their albums and even their own production monikers.

In the heady days of rave 2010 seemed like the future and the mid90s D&B era was the soundtrack to that future. Now it almost feels that partnering the words futuristic and drum & bass is a cliché of epic proportions.

However, Camino Blues latest compilation album Terra Mission combines the kind of scientific influence of old, with a slice of modern D&B that satisfies the natural partnership and doesnt feel forced or impossibly self important.

Taking inspiration from the Terra Mission an observatory that collects comprehensive global measurements of earth's atmosphere, cryosphere, lands, and oceans Camino Blue offers an insight into global musical freedom with a slick technical edge.

Featuring a host of names, some of which you will recognise and some which will be fresh to your ears, Terra Mission encompasses everything thats exciting about cool and clear drum & bass. Fans of Good Looking, Creative Source and Critical Music should lap this up.

CD1 brings you 11 unmixed tracks from the likes of Electrosoul System, MAV, Physics or ICR, while CD2 delves deep into the Camino Blue crates with a continuous DJ mix of all things past and present from P.B.K. featuring vocals from Wiosna.

CD1 Tracklist

1.Sonic Saturation - Storm
2.Modemellow - Back In Time
3.P.B.K. - Fornax
4.Electrosoul System - Sputnik
5.Mendelayev & Cutworks - Across The Space
6.KMC - Electronic Shock
7.MAV - 2am On A Sunny Beach
8.Physics - Send Your Neighbour To Space
9.Alex DB - Echoes Of Past
10.Osaka - Astrium
11.ICR - Two Steps Backwards ( Future Engineers Mix )

CD2 Tracklist

1.P.B.K. Marslayers
2.Electrosoul System Nine Planets
3.Modemellow - Back In Time
4.P.B.K. Space Age
5.P.B.K. Subarctic Wave
6.Electrosoul System Mysteria (Re-Edit)
7.Cutworks Moon River
8.Mav Static Interference
9.Sonic Saturation Paradise

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